Engineering Flypack Solutions

Alpine - Large system

Best suited for larger shows (20+ cameras)

billy - SMALL System

Best suited for mid-level shows (10-15 cameras) 

hexi - MEDIUM System

Best suited for comedy or small concert venues

technical resources

Technical Management
System Engineers 
Camera Specialists
Camera Assistants
RF Video

fiber systems

Multidyne Camera Systems (3G, 6G, 12G)
Multidyne Transport Systems
AJA Transport Systems 
TAC Fiber (various lengths) 
SMPTE Fiber (various lengths)
APE 24 Volt System (Alexa 35)
Juice 60 Sheds 


Camera Equipment 
RF Video


Ross Switchers (medium & large)
Fully licensed 4K UHD compatible
Black Magic Switchers (small & large)
4K UHD Compatible 

playback systems

Kipro Ultra 12Gs
Kipro Go (good for proxy records)
Black Magic Assists
Ross Tria System

camera support

Working with director and DP to create a camera master plan
Hiring of camera crew and camera techs 
Arrangement of full camera and lensing package


Video Village/Multiview
Production Reference Monitors 
Sony OLEDs 
Remote Viewing
HDR optional 


Live signal distribution using AWS Elemental Encoders 3G (HD), 6G (4K UHD), 12G (4K) live stream capabilities

on-set & post media

On Set & Post Dailies / Transcoding
Offloads of OCF to Local Hard Drives
Instant Uploads of Proxies, Linecuts, and ISOs to Industry Cloud platforms
Archival to LTO

color pipeline design & management

Ensure proper color management is followed from set to post & final delivery through communication with image stakeholders (Directors, DPs, DITs, Colorists, & VFX)
Ensure clean image capture and signal distribution
Maintain look consistency between cameras, shooting units, locations, and dates
Calibration of monitors for accurate viewing & creative decisions

Specialty items

FUJINON Duvo™ HZK25-1000mm F2.8-5.0 PL Mount Box Lens 
Full range of C-motion products (iris focus zoom control systems) 
Sony FR7s (cinema PTZ 4K robo camera systems)
Starlink Kits
Sleek Inovativ Camera Carts, DIT & DP Carts, Utility Carts, Video Village Mobile Carts